Vivek & Tim Cantonese Comedy Adventure 廣東話棟篤笑孖寶 (HK)

Vivek & Tim Cantonese Comedy Adventure 廣東話棟篤笑孖寶 (HK)

Non-English stand-up comedy is a fast growing culture around Asia.

Vivek Mahbubani has been performing his 100% Cantonese comedy show at Melbourne International Comedy Festival for the last two years. This time, he's coming with his buddy to double the adventure.

Tim Chan is an award-winning comedian from Hong Kong with a sense of humor that even makes Vivek’s mother laugh (she doesn’t understand Cantonese!)

Combined, Vivek and Tim are your only source of authentic Cantonese comedy at the Festival.

Performed in Cantonese.


Before and after the show


    An absolute must for comedy fans and party-goers

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