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Extra shows announced!

A brilliant bunch of comedy stars have added extra shows!

Aborigi-LOL 100% Aussie Laughs Sunday 21 April, 4pm The Coopers Malthouse

Adam Rozenbachs Hold My Beer

Friday 13 April, 8.15pm

Saturday 14 April, 8.15pm

European Bier Cafe

Aidan Jones The Abersham Flat

Monday 9 April, 9.30pm
Tuesday 10 April, 9.30pm
Wednesday 11 April, 9.30pm
Thursday 12 April, 9.30pm
Friday 13 April, 9.30pm
Saturday 14 April, 9.30pm
Monday 16 April, 9.30pm
Tuesday 17 April, 9.30pm
Wednesday 18 April, 9.30pm
Thursday 19 April, 9.30pm
Friday 20 April, 9.30pm
Pilgrim Bar
Angelo Tsarouchas Appetite For Discussion Sunday 22 April, 3.30pm Greek Centre

Anne Edmonds No Offence, None Taken

Tuesday 17 April, 8.15pm Melbourne Town Hall

Ari Eldjárn Pardon My Icelandic (ICELAND)

Saturday 21 April, 5.30pm Victoria Hotel

Ari Shaffir Heretic (USA)

Sunday 22 April, 5pm Comic's Lounge

Becky Lucas Cute Funny Smart Sexy Beautiful 

Friday 13 April, 11pm

Saturday 14 April, 9.45pm

Thursday 19 April, 9.45pm

Melbourne Town Hall (13/4)

Victoria Hotel (14/4)

Celia Pacquola All Talk

Monday 16 April, 7pm

Tuesday 17 April, 7pm

Comedy Theatre
Comedy Pub Crawl Saturday 14 April, 7.25pm
Friday 20 April, 7.25pm
Saturday 21 April, 7.25pm
Kicks (Sat 7 Apr 7.35pm)
The Carlton Club

Daniel Burt A Trip Down Memory Laneway

Saturday 13 April, 9.30pm Tasma Terrace

Daniel Connell Bit of Shush

Saturday 21 April, 4.15pm Melbourne Town Hall

Demi Lardner I Love Skeleton

Sunday 22 April, 4.45pm Victoria Hotel

Dilruk Jayasinha Bundle of Joy

Saturday 21 April, 5.30pm Melbourne Town Hall

Douglas Lim This Is Nice (Malaysia)

Saturday 14 April, 4.30pm Melbourne Town Hall

Fiona O'Loughlin Gap Year

Tuesday 10 April, 8.20pm

Saturday 14 April, 8.20pm

Sunday 15 April, 7.20pm

Melbourne Town Hall
George Zacharopoulous Greek Unorthodox Saturday 21 April, 5pm The Carlton Club

Helen Bidou Enter the Spinnaker Lounge

Thursday 19 April, 8.15pm

Friday 20 April, 8.15pm

Saturday 21 April, 8.15pm

Sunday 22 April, 7.15pm

Melbourne Town Hall 

James Veitch Game Face (UK)

Saturday 21 April, 3.45pm Melbourne Town Hall

Jimeoin The Ridiculous

Saturday 20 April, 7.30pm The Palms at Crown Casino

Joel Creasey Blonde Bombshell
Saturday 21 April, 9.15pm Melbourne Town Hall
Just Kidding! Sunday 22 April, 5.45pm Pilgrim Bar

Kitty Flanagan Smashing

Saturday 15 April, 8.30pm Athenaeum Theatre

Lawrence Mooney An Evening With Malcolm Turnbull

Saturday 14 April, 5pm Athenaeum Theatre
Luke Heggie Tiprat Saturday 21 April, 5.30pm Melbourne Town Hall

Nath Valvo Show Pony

Sunday 8 April April, 7.15pm

Friday 13 April, 9.45pm

Friday 20 April, 9.45pm

Sunday 22 April, 4.30pm

ACMI (8/4)

Melbourne Town Hall
(13/4, 20/4, 22/4)

Nick Capper Quantum Bad Boy

Saturday 21 April, 5.45pm

Sunday 22 April, 7pm

European Bier Cafe

Nick Cody Loose Unit

Friday 20 April, 11pm

Saturday 21 April, 11pm

Melbourne Town Hall

Rhys Nicholson Seminal

Friday 20 April, 7pm Melbourne Town Hall

Steph Tisdell Identity Steft

Friday 20 April, 9.45pm

Saturday 21 April, 9.45pm

Mantra on Russell
The Breast of The Fest  Wednesday 18 April, 7.45pm Imperial Hotel

Urzila Carlson Studies Have Shown (NZ/STH AFRICA)

Friday 20 April, 9.15pm

Saturday 21 April, 4.30pm

Sunday 22 April, 4.30pm

Melbourne Town Hall (20/4)

Forum Theatre (21/4 & 22/4)