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The Funny Tonne

Funny Tonne

Since 2005, the Funny Tonne has dared three die-hard fanatics of funny to go head-to-head in a race to see the most Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows and win the Funny Tonne title!

The current Funny Tonne record holder is Sarah Trevarthen, who smashed it in 2015 with 178 shows! In 2016 Jeremy MacPherson won the Funny Tonne with 158 shows. Will 2017's competitors achieve a new record?!

With a special Comedy Passport in hand, successful applicants will defy all sensible logic in this 'Amazing Race' of Australian comedy, creating sleepless schedules of back-to-back shows all Festival long, posting reviews along the way. It’s not quite the race that stops the nation, but this chase for chuckles is one mighty amusing challenge! The Funny Tonne reviews are posted on the Festival website daily once the Festival kicks off.

The Reviewers

Em Luxford

41 reviews

Dorky comedy nerd and stoked to be FunnyTonne-ing this year. Studying, working and sometimes procrastinating from both. Typical lefty leaning-northside-weirdo type (but I hate avocado). In lieu of proper words about myself, here's some funny stuff you should search up on the YouTubes: 'Lano & Woodley sleeping bag', 'Micallef tilted room', 'People getting punched before eating', 'Rob Cantor Shia Labeouf live' and 'Drunk History Jen Kirkman'. Let's do this!

Alasdair Bryant

75 reviews

How do you do? I do not bad. Hello, I'm Alasdair and I'm thrilled to be competing in the Funny Tonne this year, whereby I look forward to supplying other guffawing fans with some handy guidance on what’s good and what’s… well, let’s just say not quite so good. I consider myself something of a comedy disciple and I try to soak up as much stand up as I can, especially during the MICF. When I’m not laughing my arse off at live comedy I work as a chemistry lab technician at a Melbourne high school, which involves setting up pracs, cleaning up afterwards, washing glassware and occasionally blowing $#!% up, just for fun. I love my job. Also love my dog, pub quizzing, live music, tennis, DJing, choir singing, astronomy, animals, The Beatles, The Simpsons, volleyball, practising my rapidly diminishing français, collecting stubby holders and wearing a gnarly hat. In other news, Patience from The Grates once crowd surfed across a moshpit to give me a smooch, I spent a year in France after high school but had to switch families after my host mother went to prison, I once got stung by a scuba-diving bee and nine years ago a plane crashed into my house. Yeah, I’m pretty rad. Yes, you can touch me if you want.

Tyson Graham

48 reviews

My name is Tyson. I am 29 and live in Colac. I am the President of the towns community radio station OCR FM and co-host LOL Radio with my brother Jof. I enjoy comedy podcasts, collecting CDs, playing music, horror movies,chips and of course I love COMEDYYY!!! I've been going to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival since I was 15ish and can't wait to see as many shows as I can this festival.

Rob Chittleborough

59 reviews

I’m an Architect by day and a comedy enthusiast by night. Since being captivated by a Wil Anderson show at the Comic’s Lounge in 2010, I have been a passionate patron of stand-up comedy both locally and abroad with an appreciation of immersive story-telling and cleverly crafted, unexpected punch lines. I also appreciate the art of improvised comedy, having dabbled with improvisation workshops in the past. My most notable involvement in a performance at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival was as an audience member being pulled on stage by Dr Brown and left to entertain the crowd awkwardly for three minutes while he got changed into more seductive attire for his grand finale. When in doubt, I ask myself ‘What would Larry David do?’ Then I do the opposite (Most of the time). I delight in playing tennis, going cycling, watching footy, playing board games, exploring the built environment and watching TV comedy classics such as Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm but I will put it all on hold in pursuit of Funny Tonne glory at this year’s festival!

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