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The Funny Tonne




After many successful years at the festival, it's genuinely exciting to see acerbic Scottish comic Daniel Sloss packing out 400 seat spaces. Once a writer for Frankie Boyle (which should come as no surprise to fans of both) Sloss delivers a tightly structured show that bounces around the possibility of him being a sociopath. It's understandable - on the surface at least - where such accusations might come from; this is a man who keeps a running tally of relationships ruined by his show from last year. However, blessed with the unique gift of being both fiercely intelligent and slightly depraved, Sloss is an incredible comedy provocateur, with an impressive understanding of the comedic form. Fierce, smart and funny, and easily one of the best working comedians around right now.

Try it if:  You're a Frankie Boyle, Ed Byrne or Dylan Moran fan. Or if your type is 'Macauly Culkin, but mouthy and a tiny bit dark."

Reviewed by Em Luxford

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