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Enter Closer & Crowded

Daniel Burt A Trip Down Memory Laneway

Enter Closer & Crowded

Daniel Burt A Trip Down Memory Laneway

Melbourne is a town full of hidden history with intrigue, oddballs and crazy incidents waiting to be discovered around every stencil-graffitied and urine-soaked corner.

Luckily, Daniel Burt can help.

In a Melbourne minor event, at a pop-up venue inside the National Trust, join award-winning writer of ABC TV's Hard Quiz and The Weekly as he explores the funny side of the city formerly known as Batmania.

'All the funniest lines you remember from Hard Quiz are Daniel Burt’s words said by me.'  Tom Gleeson

'Daniel is a compelling, brilliant writer, charming performer and a delightful pedant but, most importantly, he makes me laugh hard.' Kitty Flanagan

'It’s rare to find someone who has the combination of experience, passion and just plain gut instinct about what makes people laugh.'  Wil Anderson

'A unique beast; an intelligent, quirky, funny and highly interesting talent.'  Steve Vizard


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