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Enter Closer & Crowded

Alice Snedden Self-Titled (New Zealand)

Enter Closer & Crowded

Alice Snedden Self-Titled (NZ)

After performing to sold out crowds in the New Zealand Comedy Festival, Billy T Award Nominee Alice Snedden is back in Melbourne.

Watch as she tells jokes and you laugh. Smile as she tells stories and you relate. Pay money for tickets as you help her break even.

It won't all be about her, some of it will be about you too, the 'you' being society. Look! We're already having some chuckles and fun.

'More experienced comedians would kill for an hour like this.'​ ​The​ ​Spinoff (NZ)

'To put it simply Alice Snedden is amazing... one of the most polished first hours of stand-up I’ve ever seen. ★★★★★'  Keeping​ ​up with​ ​NZ


Before and after the show

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