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Hot Mess Productions presents

Alice Tovey Existential Crisis

Hot Mess Productions presents

Alice Tovey Existential Crisis

A mental breakdown with lights, tights and electric guitars.  

Existential Crisis (A Rock Opera) is the brand new cabaret by award-winning duo Alice Tovey and Ned Dixon. Together with a live four-piece band, Tovey and Dixon’s fist pumping, velvet wearing, 80s dramatic rock opera explores the crushing sense of anxiety that goes hand-in-hand with the dreaded quarter life crisis.

Flipping cabaret on its head, this show (literally) hands steel instruments to classically-trained musicians. Part narrative, part ballad and full balls-to-the-wall rock, Existential Crisis (A Rock Opera) brings all the energy of a live band and big vocals and aims to kick nihilism in the proverbial dick.

Exploring themes of anxiety and the pressure we feel to succeed, modern relationships and the declining state of the world, songs such as ‘Googling Super Gonorrhea’ and ‘How Do I Fit In (to your Zombie Apocalypse Plan)' brilliantly showcase the razor-sharp wit Tovey and Dixon have become known for.

Alice Tovey is a Melbourne-based singer, songwriter, comedian, actress, writer and egomaniac. Her first solo show, Malice (written and performed with composer Ned Dixon) was nominated for a Green Room Award for Best Original Songs and won an Adelaide Fringe Festival Weekly Award for Best Emerging Artist. Again collaborating with Ned Dixon, Alice premiered Personal Messiah (2016) and Mansplaining (2017) to much acclaim.

'Alice Tovey’s insightful musical comedy skewers gender expectations.' The Age

'Alice Tovey is a fierce operatic rock goddess.' Aussie Theatre

'If you can’t get enough of whip-smart comedy, then set your sights on Alice Tovey.' Time Out  

'Razor-sharp humour, and an unbelievable set of pipes to match.'  Theatre People  

'Feminist, political and brilliantly cynical.' The Australian


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