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Nadine Sparks At Least I Have A Cat!

Nadine Sparks At Least I Have A Cat!

Nadine Sparks is in her late 30s. Late, late 30s. OK, she had a 40th birthday party... a few years ago. She can't hold down a relationship, is hanging on to her job by a thread and still renting. Miles from where she thought she would be. But at least she has a cat!

Nadine Sparks has created a host of successful shows for festivals within Australia, such as: Teacher, Feast, Bridesmaid to Be and Rehab. She brings her new show At Least I Have A Cat! to this year's Melbourne International Comedy Festival. 

Nadine Sparks is a gifted comedian, a regular in the Melbourne scene and she's delighted audiences across the country with her quick-wit and physical comedy. She is a stand-up comedian, improviser and character queen. She is an alumnus of the famous IO and Annoyance Theatre in Chicago.

'Hilarious.' The Music

'Absurdly Funny.' What's My Scene

'No topic is taboo, her huge stage presence helps her launch into physical comedy with belly-laugh-inducing gusto.' Rip It Up 

Please note, the following performances will be filmed: Sat 7 Apr.

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