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Enter Closer & Crowded present a Viking production

Vincent Tshaka Australianised

Enter Closer & Crowded present a Viking production

Vincent Tshaka Australianised

Vincent Tshaka was born and raised in Kenya, he never thought that moving overseas would mean that he would slowly but surely become part of Australia, the new place he now calls home. As a result this comedy show is a confession of his internal struggles and dialogue on his feelings about what he has known all his life growing up in Kenya and what he knows and has come to love and know about life in Australia while still having roots in Kenya.

Immigration is a huge point of discussion globally and Australia has had its share of good and bad press. This issue of immigration has made Vincent Tshaka say 'I feel lost because I am not Kenyan enough as people in Kenya say I am too Australian. However he is also not fully accepted in Australia because, 'I still have a slight / strong African accent depending on who I'm talking to'.

Vincent Tshaka has a very interesting insight into the ridiculous and often undocumented facts about being an expatriate in this era of globalisation. Being Kenyan and Australian he is living with views from both sides. This is a feel good show about his life journey and choices. Its about raising his children the Kenyan way and the Australian way –he pokes fun at his kids for their unfortunate lack of sporting abilities and their pet dog that he has no love for. He talks about food and how Australians treat food, he doesn't understand camping or why people leave their beds to go and sleep uncomfortably in a bush and wonders why people would choose to be vegan. So he went on this journey and he talks about these stories in the show.

The Comedy Career

Vincent was crowned Winner of the 2012 St Kilda Laughs Festival and was featured as a performer at the St Kilda Laughs Festival Gala that same year.

'My dream is to represent the Africans in Australia and show Australia that as Africans we have a sense of humour and we all don’t belong in gangs or wait out for handouts', Vincent says. He also states that Africans get overlooked and he'd like to show Australia and the world that Africans are just as funny, clever, and talented.

The Future

Vincent is now part of a new generation of African comedians looking to make a mark on the world by offering a diversity that is growing in comedy circles world wide and that is the African narrative. This new trend in comedy coupled with great use of social media is getting African comedians like Vincent Tshaka to travel to many countries, interact with many comedians and certainly grow the potential of this The future looks bright and the future looks African.


2012 St Kilda Laughs Festival

2017 African Australian Award

Featured in Feel Good Africa TV 2017

This show is about when an expatriate struggles with never wanting to let go of the place they once called home and the new place that they now call home. Vincent Tshaka has struggled with that decision as he is being AUSTRALIANISED!

Check out AUSTRALIANISED at Melbourne International Comedy Festival and be sure to check his Facebook and Twitter page for updates and also to follow his performances around Melbourne if you want to go check him out around Melbourne and Australia.


Please note, the following performances will be filmed: Sat 21 Apr & Sun 22 Apr.

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