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Enter Closer & Crowded

Jacqueline Mifsud Be Better!

Enter Closer & Crowded

Jacqueline Mifsud Be Better!

Jacqueline Mifsud is sick of your shit.

Her message is simple: Cut the crap. Be better!

Jacqueline Mifsud does a bunch of cool stuff.  She is a comedian, actor and TV and radio host.   

She gigs regularly around Melbourne and regional Victoria charming audiences with her quick-witted and relatable laugh out loud stories.

This is Jacqueline's third Melbourne International Comedy Festival. She was named as one of the 20 hottest picks for last year's Festival by Pedestrian. This year she came to slay!

'There’s a slickness and a confidence rarely seen in someone so fresh.' Chortle (UK)

'Jacqueline is charming and brimming with stories.' Squirrel Comedy

'A charming balance of off-kilter and resonant comedy.' The Music


Before and after the show

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    THE place to see the who’s who of comedy letting loose on the stage and dance floor!

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