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Enter Closer & Crowded

Ben Volchok Presents...

Enter Closer & Crowded

Ben Volchok Presents...

Ben Volchok Presents… two episodes of original radio comedy, live on stage! Watch (and listen) as Ben Volchok embodies a whole range of characters and creates a fast-paced, hilarious extravaganza.

Silly voices, sound effects, quick dialogue, even fake announcements – all done live by Ben Volchok, armed only with a microphone (borrowed) and some arms (his). Also a computer (also his).

First up, it’s Mysteries of an Uncanny Nature. Listen in terror as Detective Errol Street investigates the strangest, oddest phenomena that also, usually, have some murders in them.

Next…  Pru Blue: Outback Spy Hunter. Fair dinkum larrikin maverick Pru Blue catches nasty spies in the Aussie desert with her bumbling assistant Les Mistons. They’re bloody out there!

Drawing inspiration from such classic radio comedy programs as The Goon Show and Hancock’s Half Hour, this is a new and exciting show, devised, written and performed by Ben Volchok.

Ben Volchok is a Melbourne writer and comedian, performing live on stage and radio. He has had shows in the Melbourne Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival, as well as creating podcasts and programs for SYN radio. His fiction has been published in a number of Melbourne magazines, including Going Down Swinging.

'A brilliant comedy writer and a truly unique comedy voice.' Squirrel Comedy

'Oozes old-timey silliness; radio-play-era energy and sharpness.' WebWombat

'A nonsensical smorgasbord of comic delight.' Farrago Magazine


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