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The Dot Wot

Adam Jacobs Best Daze of My Life

The Dot Wot

Adam Jacobs Best Daze of My Life

He was confused at school, then he became a teacher. Next? Mid-life strife and IVF! Welcome to all the Best Daze of My Life.

His captivating hilarity has taken Adam to Newcastle, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and most places in between. According to Adam it's best to learn your lessons the hard way unless those lessons are how to teach lessons..? 

Join Adam as he explores career and fear in this captivating show which celebrates life and his love of jokes.

'Life could have gone one of two ways but it didn’t. So I became a teacher.' Adam Jacobs


Before and after the show

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  • Festival Club

    THE place to see the who’s who of comedy letting loose on the stage and dance floor!

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