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A Token Event

Claire Hooper All The Rage

A Token Event

Claire Hooper All The Rage

What have you broken in anger?

A: Smartphone. B: Keyboard. C: Wall/door/window. D: A toe. E: Road rules. F: The Internet. G: Christmas. H: Your mother’s heart. I: All of the above.

If you answered ‘I’, please come to my show.

Why do we get angry? Should we be ashamed of ourselves? And will we be able to claim any insurance on that phone we biffed into traffic?

Claire Hooper examines the funny side of one of our darkest emotions in a tale of grand moral outrage and small daily furies. And no, you’re not getting any money back for that phone.

If I end up in prison one day, it'll be my terrible temper that got me there. I should probably do something about it. And you know what they say; a comedy show is cheaper than a shrink.


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