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Daniel Townes The World is Amazing and Everyone's a Winner

Daniel Townes The World is Amazing and Everyone's a Winner

Daniel Townes returns for his lucky 13th Melbourne International Comedy Festival with a new show about the current divide in our society, equality, fearmongering, offence, Batman, and loads of other things that sound hilarious when you put the word comedy next to them.

As well as being a regular at comedy festivals all over Australia, Daniel has performed at the prestigious invite-only Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal and won over audiences worldwide with his disarming delivery, dry wit and cheeky smile. He's headlined and hosted at comedy clubs throughout the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Spain, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, The Netherlands, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha.

As seen on ABC2's Comedy Next Gen and Comedy Up Late, and the Just For Laughs Australia stand-up series filmed live at the Sydney Opera House. 

'Daniel Townes is a small-name comedian with a big talent. It feels like you’re sitting down with a mate, discussing the ridiculousness of life. Townes is genuinely funny, I highly recommend him to anyone tired of seeing big names coast on their reputations.' The Age

'Pound for pound, one of the best Australian stand-ups going around. The fact that his name might not be familiar is entirely your fault. He is that good. It’s like spending an hour with a mate who’s funnier, warmer and more intelligent than the ones you’ve already got.' GQ Magazine 

'It takes real talent to summarise all our shortcomings as a society and still entertain an audience. Luckily, Daniel Townes is a very talented comedian.' The Music 2015

'A stand-up’s stand-up, he eschews contrived themes and narrative for an hour dense with jokes, searing observation and the odd deliberate groaner. His rapid-fire delivery means you probably get more gags per minute than from any other comic at the Fringe.' Rip It Up

'Special mention to Daniel Townes’ laid-back, one-liner comedy for making stand-up look so easy, anyone can do it, right?' The Music 2016

'Dazzlingly funny.' Herald Sun 2015

'This highly personal and honest reflection is a touching journey interspersed with top-mark laughs, clever call-backs and acerbic social commentary.' Herald Sun 2014

'Disarmingly frank and laugh-out-loud funny, this is a show I would recommend highly.' Squirrel Comedy 

'Townes shows his years of experience as a performer in knowing how and when to throw in the one-liners, non-sequiturs, dad-jokes and call-backs.' ArtsHub 

'Daniel Townes is a fine example of interesting, intelligent and hilarious stand-up.'  RHUM

'Fascinating… Freaking hilarious... You’re in absolutely safe hands with this guy.'  RTR FM Perth

'There wasn’t one joke from Townes that didn’t receive a massive response.'  Midwest Times


Before and after the show

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