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Dark Triad The Dark Triad Healing Experience

Dark Triad The Dark Triad Healing Experience

Dark Triad returns with a show unlike anything they've done before. Debuting at Melbourne Fringe, Dark Triad conjured up a show with their experimental flavour of improv that proved to be a mystery to the broader improv scene.

In Melbourne’s 2017 Fringe, they sold out shows flaunting their dry wit, bitter irony and sarcastic joy. Performing regularly at The Improv Conspiracy since January 2017, they’ve crafted their show to be a fever dream that will leave you… just like everyone else in the end. They currently perform a monthly show that incorporates unique live audio technology to create surreal characters and environments on the fly. 

Dark Triad is comprised of Carla Scotto, Jesse Vogelaar and Amelia Williams. They met through The Improv Conspiracy Theatre and are seasoned improvisors.


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