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Alanta Colley Days of our Hives


Alanta Colley Days of our Hives

My name is Alanta. I’m a beekeeper. I’ve discovered that the main thing that you keep when you keep bees is other people away. Even my bees left, once. I guess that makes me a bee loser. I’d like it if you came to hear my tale about bees, wasp heat death and friendship. You know, if you’re in to that sort of thing.

Days of Our Hives is the tale of Alanta’s adventures and misadventures in urban beekeeping. After fleeing from a swarm in the Czech republic Alanta turned her fear into fascination and is now a proud member of Melbourne’s urban beekeeping community; removing swarms from her neighbour’s kitchen, sharing bee trivia and upsetting people by explaining honey is, in fact, bee vomit.

Days of our Hives combines stand-up, storytelling and scientific revelations about the weird and wonderful world of bees. It’s a master class in ways to cook a wasp, strategies to placate irate neighbours and what to do when you literally have a bee in your bonnet.

Returning from an entirely sold out season of her debut solo show Parasites Lost at last year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Alanta’s nerdy concoction of evidence-based comedy and personal confessions has been warmly received across Australia and internationally.

Alanta is a public health practitioner, comedian and co-founder of the Sci Fight Science Comedy Debate held at the Spotted Mallard. She’s performed for the Gates Foundation, at Adelaide’s Science Exchange, is a regular at Political Asylum and the Laborastory. By day she teaches engineering students about international development. By night she tells jokes about her bees to confused comedy crowds.  

'A delightful presence on stage and enchanting storyteller.' Squirrel Comedy

'Alanta is an experienced and gifted orator.' WeekendNotes

'Horrified but laughing.' Gates Foundation employee


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