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Jo Bain

Sean Bedlam Death to America

Jo Bain

Sean Bedlam Death to America

It is 2018. The United States of America has lost its mind. The world looks on as the American Dream becomes a nightmare. Comedian/activist Sean Bedlam is here to help with his comedy about hope, peace and the longing for a better world seen through the lens of despair, violence and a reality where Donald Trump is a President.

Death to America is Bedlam's hilarious, silly attempt to get you thinking about what the hell is happening in the world and what you can do about it. After sold out shows in festivals around the country, this master class in idiocy is a remedy to our collective ills – not to be missed if you care about anything.

Full of relatable stories, ridiculous short sketches and Bedlam's signature tangents that will set you off too, you’ll learn a lot about what’s going on – inside and outside of this remarkable head.

'Guaranteed to have you added to the No-Fly List for laughing too hard…his intelligent insight is rendered hilarious when the punchline emerges through the filter of childish logic.' Pop Culture-y

'He stated that he could talk to us for another hour and I’m sure everyone in the room would have loved it. His boisterous and wacky persona has the crowd glued to his every word, eager to see where he will lead us. More often than not, to hilarity.' Squirrel Comedy

'He alternates between directionless tangents and cutting observations that take you off guard; he is riotously funny and kind of terrifying all at once. ★★★★' The Music


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