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Frontier Comedy

Alice Fraser ETHOS

Frontier Comedy

Alice Fraser ETHOS

Intelligence – the next frontier. We have always been fascinated by the idea of non-human minds. From the Golem (the Jewish myth of a clay man animated by the name of God), to Frankenstein’s monster, to the prospect of superhuman Artificial Intelligence (computers who will think on a global scale and could threaten civilisation). We strive to create minds and fear what we might create.

Imagine an Artificial Intelligence: a brilliant but naïve mind, newly created. Now imagine that machine-mind is left to learn about our world by watching a comedy show. Alice Fraser explains our society of contradictions to a non-human intelligence.

After globally critically acclaimed seasons and sold out shows at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival and Edinburgh Fringe, Alice is back with another silly, funny, and smart show that explores what it is to be human.

'A life-changer... a show that made you laugh and shiver, smile and cry. ★★★★★' Edinburgh Guide (UK)

'A sexy cerebral twist to comedy... a hilarious journey that you wish would have lasted just a little longer. ★★★★★' OUTinPerth

'Innately, inescapably funny… Alice Fraser is a total star. ★★★★★' Herald Sun


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