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Melbourne International Comedy Festival proudly presents

Festival Club

Melbourne International Comedy Festival proudly presents

Festival Club

The heartland of the Festival Club is Max Watt's – where a lively lair of fun and frivolity hides below Swanston Street. It’s the place to see the who’s who of comedy letting loose on stage and on the dancefloor.  #festivalclub #MICF #youhadtobethere

Tix online & at the door

Doors Open 11.15pm (10.15pm Sun)


TUE 17 APR: GRANNY BINGO with special guests Joel Creasey, Mel Buttle & Rhys Nicholson

WED 18 APR: ROB HUNTER LATE O’CLOCK Interview guests: Frank Woodley & DeAnne Smith (CAN) with Matt Stewart, Ben Russell, Naomi Higgins, Matt Burton, Laura Dunemann and surprise guests!

THUR 19 APR: 10 COMEDIANS FOR 10 BUCKS MC Danny McGinlay and featuring Rowan Thambar, Adam Knox, Waka (JPN), Peter Jones, Joe Shaffer (AUS/USA), Emily Tresidder, James Roque (NZ,PHL), Stephanie Laing (UK), Alex Ward, Gerard McGowan, Emma Malik

FRI 20 APR: COMEDY BONANZA MCs Becky Lucas & Cameron James and featuring Bonnie Tangey, Joel Creasey, David O’Doherty (IRL), Seaton Smith (USA), Simon Taylor, Rahul Subramanian (IN), Dane Simpson, Guy Montgomery (NZ) After The Comedy (from 12:30am): Geraldine Quinn’s Spandex Ballet (TRIBUTE TO TISM) and featuring special guest singers: Mark Bonanno, Geraldine Hickey, Dane Simpson, Oliver Clark, Rose Callaghan, Marcel Lucont (FRA) & Granny Bingo DJ Rainbow Connection (from 1:30am)

SAT 21 APR: COMEDY BONANZA MC Daniel Connell, Jinx Yeo (SGP), Luke Heggie, Kyle Kinane (USA), Dina Hashem (USA), Rob Hunter, Shirley Gnome (CAN), Sorabh Pant (IN), Wil Sylvince (USA) Lip Synch Battle Final – Hosted by Rhys Nicholson with Finalists: Helen Bidou, Granny Bingo and wild card Harry Clayton-Wright (from BRIEFS) After The Comedy (from 12:45am) DJ Juan Vesuvius


TUESDAYS 3 & 10 APR – DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM? HOSTED BY JOSH EARL: The hit podcast that asks who knows whom, who knows what because who knows why?

TUESDAY 17 APR – GRANNY BINGO: 2017's Golden Gibbo winners are back at the Festival Club for one night of proper grannified fun! Their balls are always ready. Special guests Joel Creasey, Mel Buttle and Rhys Nicholson.

WEDNESDAYS 4 & 11 APR – STAMPTOWN COMEDY NIGHT: A raunchy, chaotic and full-on trainwreck featuring the best comedy, cabaret and circus on the international scene! This show sold out every night last year.

WEDNESDAY 18 APR – ROB HUNTER LATE O’CLOCK: The infamous talk show and cult favourite has more bizarre sketches, celebrity interviews and terrible unpleasantness.

THURSDAYS 29 MAR, 5, 12 & 19 APR –  10 COMEDIANS FOR 10 BUCKS: The very best hand-picked emerging comics at the Festival.

FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS – COMEDY BONANZA: The Festival’s biggest names line up to let it all hang loose! Comedy that’s unscripted and possibly x-rated.

SUNDAYS 1, 8 & 15 APR – HAUS PARTY!: Otto & Astrid from Die Roten Punkte 'rock ze haus' along with our favourite DJ Andrew McClelland in an evening of Eurotrash and the very best musical comedy, circus and variety acts. Ich Liebe HAUS PARTY!


SATURDAYS 31 MAR, 7 & 21 APR – LIP SYNC BATTLE: Hosted by the incomparable lip syncer himself – Rhys Nicholson! Don’t miss this epic battle from the best lip-syncers in da biz.


GREATEST OF SPANDEX 6 APR:  Reliving glorious highlights from eight years of Spandex Ballet, the greatest guests to reprise their triumphs from EPIC, ART, GOTH, YACHT, PONCE and OZ.

A SPANDEX (AND GUESTS) TRIBUTE TO TISM 20 APR: It's 30 years since the world's finest anonymous alternative dance-rock band 'This Is Serious Mum' released their debut album. One night –  all TISM. Whatareya? Yob or wanker?

VAUDEVILLE SMASH FRI 13 APR “I'll be damned if Vaudeville Smash aren't the most mind-blowingly refreshing live act to emerge from Melbourne since God knows when.” – Lachlan Kanoniuk, Beat.



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  • Festival Club

    THE place to see the who’s who of comedy letting loose on the stage and dance floor!

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