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Atypical Theatre Company

Emma J Hawkins I am not a Unicorn!

Atypical Theatre Company

Emma J Hawkins I am not a Unicorn!

Warning: this show contains a short-statured person defying stereotypes.

Come and get lost down the rabbit hole with Emma J Hawkins, where Alice is probably drunk playing cards with Goldilocks and the three bears. Here you’ll meet a host of quirky characters that inhabit this world, including John the train driver (an average bloke), the wicked queen and the rare horned beast.

Experience a whimsical tale about trolls destroying the world, the fine art of eating a banana and finding love in your local IGA.

I am not a Unicorn! is peppered with moments so immersive that the audience truly gets to feel what it is like to walk in an another person’s shoes.  Experience an engaging, light-hearted look at life at 103cm short.

Laugh, cry and everything in between with this giant of a performer, with her bag of tricks bigger than herself!

Emma most recently performed in The Real and Imagined History of the Elephant Man (The Coopers Malthouse).

Emma's’ flair for the flamboyant, serious and whimsical plays to her strengths as a feisty, charismatic thespian. Her movements between the many worlds of fantasy, musical and children’s genres credit her with storytelling-based acrobatics, singing, dancing or slapstick. She is equally at home in the tragedies of Shakespeare, climbing the heights as a tap dancing stilt walking acrobat in the critically acclaimed Circus Oz or sinking into the dark depths of a murderess in Jean Genet's The Maids.

She was nominated for a Green Room Award for her portrayal as Fleck in the most fabled of musicals, Love Never Dies, and also as a dancer in White Day Dream (Weave Theatre Movement).

She relishes every opportunity to breath life into new characters but also extends a hand into creative development in theatrical productions. At the same time she imbues her performances with heart, audaciousness and fortitude as well as a steadfast belief in social justice and equality.

With a bag of tricks bigger than herself, Emma, a short-statured performer, sees performing as a way of challenging herself and audiences alike to think outside the square. Her first memory on stage was chasing a boy with a frying pan so just don’t give this feisty redhead any kitchen utensils!

'A thoroughly enjoyable show that will connect with your heart as well as your head.' Herald Sun

'Equal parts hilarious, terrifying and arousing.' Cherchez la Femme

Director: Maude Davey.
Original Dramaturg:  Ingrid Voorendt.
Writing contributions by Melissa Reeves & Matthew Whittet.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body


Please note, the following performances will be filmed: Sat 21 Apr.

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