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Leigh Qurban I'm Drinking About Travelling

Leigh Qurban I'm Drinking About Travelling

Winner 2015 Adelaide Comedy Comedian of the Year

Winner 2014 Adelaide Comedy Peer’s Choice

Adelaide Comedy Comedian of the Year, Leigh Qurban delivers his sell-out stand-up show I’m Drinking about Travelling to this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Rucksack, check. Passport, check. Anti-nipple chaffing cream, check! Alright it’s a given. There are a lot of things you need to tick off the checklist before you grab that rucksack and head off. Getting around, saving money, deciding where to go, deciding when you need to go (oh god that street food wasn’t good, I need to go now!), who to hang around with, where to stay… it’s all enough to give you a headache! And if it doesn’t then the gallons of booze you’ll drink whilst over there sure will; I mean let’s face it, it’s the main reason Gen Y go on that 'gap year' to start with. Through stories of his own travel experiences and reflections on life, Leigh presents a show that explores travel, the boozy gap year and all that goes with it to answer the age old question: is it all worth it? So check-in, secure your seatbelt and come along for the ride!

'★★★★'  Adelaide Advertiser

'I’m Drinking About Travelling is the top choice. It will have you laughing off your seat. ★★★★'  Rip It Up 

'Above all, this is a funny funny show. Even throughout the finale when you’re asking yourself what the eff is going on, you’re still hysterically laughing. ★★★★' The Clothesline



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