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Enter Closer & Crowded

James Roque Legal Alien (New Zealand,Philippines)

Enter Closer & Crowded

James Roque Legal Alien (NZ,PHL)

In 2017, James Roque realised he'd been pronouncing his own Filipino last name wrong for the last 18 years – so he adjusted it back. And since then he's been feeling like a brand-new immigrant (an immigrant who has NZ citizenship now, but still, immigrant as f***).

The Filipino step-son of New Zealand comedy makes his Melbourne solo debut as he wades through the sometimes nasty swamp that is the topic of immigration and dissects what it means to be an immigrant in today's Western world from a brown perspective.

As seen on Jono and Ben, 7 Days and Funny Girls.

'Roque’s performance is impeccable.' The Spinoff (NZ)

'Will ultimately blow your mind.' New Zealand Herald


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