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Ange Lavoipierre & Jane Watt Luxury Split Bill


Ange Lavoipierre & Jane Watt Luxury Split Bill

Ange Lavoipierre is an angry little girl and a regular on the Sydney comedy scene, and Jane Watt, an improviser by trade, is both rural and sexual, and they're doing a split bill for you!

Expect feats of strength, huge truths and lies as well.

But you’ll like it, because jokes are just lies that make you laugh.

Ange Lavoipierre has performed at just about every comedy room in Sydney, some in Melbourne and even a couple of tents in Edinburgh. Her comedy is dry, kind of morbid and occasionally absurd. Ange also plays the cello for the award winning comedy improv duo The Bear Pack (2016 & 2017 Edinburgh Fringe  Festival).

Jane Watt is a newcomer to stand up from an improv background. She's one of the youngest faculty members of Sydney's premier improv school Improv Theatre Sydney, and is a professional actor too. Jane's stand-up is high energy with lots of rural Australian warmth but also jokes about having hot cousins.


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