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Cam Tyeson Mainlander

Cam Tyeson Mainlander

A show about life, love and food delivery apps.

Tasmanian-born Cam Tyeson – staff writer for pop culture site Pedestrian.TV – has been blocked by at least one Senator on Twitter and threatened by at least one cast member of The Bachelorette.

Mainlander features tales about moving from a tiny island to a slightly less tiny island, and finding love halfway across the globe.

Cam has performed across Australia and the United States at festivals and shows alongside the likes of Kyle Kinane and Chris Gethard. This is his debut solo show at Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

'Can smash out a show with comical ease and natural charisma.'  The Plus Ones


Before and after the show

  • Drinking & Dining

    Fuel your funnies with a visit to one of the Festival’s Drinking & Dining partners, powered by LIVEN

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  • Festival Club

    THE place to see the who’s who of comedy letting loose on the stage and dance floor!

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