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Marcel Blanch- de Wilt Love and Cordial

Marcel Blanch- de Wilt Love and Cordial

A story about break-ups and cordial: nine parts fact, one part fiction. During a devastating heartbreak, Marcel was given the opportunity to turn the jingle of Australia's most popular cordial brand into a feature-length musical. Only one would have a happy ending.

From Marcel Blanch- de Wilt, Sydney stand-up comic, originally from Adelaide.

Adelaide Comedy Award Winner. 

'A great many thumbs up! ★★★★' Great Scott

'Marcel’s comedy took up the whole stage with flare and cheeky mischief that had the audience barely able to catch their breath before the next laugh.' Newcastle Mirage

'I’m not sure what it is about him but Blanch- de Wilt makes everything flow and seem so effortless; almost as though he’s not trying to make you laugh, just telling you a story but delivered in the most hilarious way. His ability to turn any story into something funny is one you definitely shouldn’t miss!' The Clothesline

'One of the most entertaining shows this Fringe. Blanch- de Wilt has a natural confidence on the stage, creating a show with a campfire feel to it. The audience spent the show leaning in to hear more and pushed back in their seats in laughter, completely under the charm of this skilled comedian. A must see stand up show.' TREv


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