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Murphy McLachlan McLachlan O'Clocklan

Murphy McLachlan McLachlan O'Clocklan

Murphy McLachlan is a dingus, dunce, dork, dummy, dickhead, duffer, dimwit and drongo all rolled into one.

When he's not drinking beers, laughing at dogs or being inconsistent with talking in the third person, I'm hosting the much loved but poorly named podcast 'Beer Eye with your Mates Guys', writing and performing stand-up comedy across Melbourne and jumping up and tapping signs for no reason.

Murphy has selected his best gags, anecdotes and observations for your guffawing pleasure this Melbourne Comedy Festival, so get ready for a show that's as great as he is at completing show descriptions – come up with this punchline later.

'This is goof-ball comedy at its best and guaranteed to put a smile on your dial.' Herald Sun


Before and after the show

  • Drinking & Dining

    Fuel your funnies with a visit to one of the Festival’s Drinking & Dining partners, powered by LIVEN

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  • Festival Club

    THE place to see the who’s who of comedy letting loose on the stage and dance floor!

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