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Enter Closer & Crowded

Pickup #PickUp

Enter Closer & Crowded

Pickup #PickUp

Australia's funniest rock concert is here. Melbourne’s cutest smut merchants combine original songs, dazzling guitar licks and brilliant electric ukulele, to have you admit that sex is funny.
This pop-punk supergroup hurl you through the embarrassing and universal pitfalls we all face. Join them as they pump out a plethora of hysterical tunes that make you say ‘Oh god, I’ve done that too... shoot me’.

Answering texted questions live on stage, Colin and Alia aren’t afraid to talk openly about sex. From demonic threesomes, to awkward one-night-stands, this show runs the gauntlet of modern sex and comes out victorious.

This is not your average comedy show. Everyone is welcome at this inclusive, sex-positive and salacious music comedy explosion.

'A no-holds barred romp.' The West Australian



Before and after the show

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