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Nick Feain & Lachlan McKay Picture This: Live

Nick Feain & Lachlan McKay Picture This: Live

Do you feel as though almost every blockbuster film over the last few years has in some way been a reboot, remake or sequel? Whether we’re getting the 10th instalment in an octane-fuelled franchise or expanding on a marvellous, pre-existing universe, movie fans are missing out on stunningly original cinema!

But how do we combat this? Do we boycott Hollywood? Do we riot in the streets? Do we stop going to the movies altogether?

Hell no!

You come to Nick & Lachlan, that’s what. Armed with three random prompts – a genre, a location, and a word that must feature in the film’s title – the boys and their friends do their best to come up with the next original Hollywood blockbuster!

From brainstorming plot, to developing characters and even casting their film, the boys put on their Hollywood producer hats to come up with something original – albeit ridiculous.

At the 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Nick & Lachlan are joined by fellow podcasters and comics The Weekly Muniz, Shut Up A Second (Sanspants Radio) and Who Spiked The Puns.

The Weekly Muniz: The Weekly Muniz with Hayden and Duncan is your one-stop shop for all things Frankie Muniz. Each week they watch, review and analyse what the great man has been up to, whether it’s a film, his racing or even his drumming exploits.

Shut Up A Second (Sanspants Radio): Come and sit down with us as we discuss a wide variety of dumb topics. Wanna know the history of cowboys? What about facts about bread? It doesn't matter, just shut up and listen.

Who Spiked The Puns: The format is simple. Every week we watch two movies tenuously linked by a bad pun and put them in a conversational blender. If you're looking for a serious film review podcast, there a plenty of awesome ones out there. Some focus on new movies. Some focus on bad movies. We focus on good drinks and bad jokes – the movies are secondary.


Please note, the following performances will be filmed: Sat 7 Apr.

Before and after the show

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