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Winner Circus Oz Industry Award 2017 Melbourne Fringe
Nominee Best Comedy 2017 Melbourne Fringe 

Vampire classic gets queered up and ARSE-ified by award-winning underground comedy cult PO PO MO CO! Audiences will shriek, gasp and shout ‘He’s behind you!’ in what is the campest, vampest, adults-only show this side of Uranus.

Shameless ass puppetry is front and centre in this hilarious cheeky horror show created by a risque troupe of queer clowns.

Nosfer-ARSE-tu is a re-imagining of the 1922 German Expressionist vampire film. It follows a hapless doctor on a ‘frivolous homosexual adventure’ where he stumbles upon a spooky town, and an even spookier head vampire.

PO PO MO CO are your new queer cult leaders – drink the rainbow kool-aid.

Melbourne had better be ready.

As seen at Midsumma, Honcho Disko, Lovers in the Parking Lot, Melbourne Fringe Club nights, Unicorns club nights, Max Freak club nights and Channel 31.

'Will influence even the straightest mind. ★★★★½”  The Australia Times

'PO PO MO CO are one of those unicorns, and they are already spreading their electrifying energy everywhere in sight. ★★★★' Theatre People

'Comedy on another plane. I don’t know exactly what I saw but I know I want to see more of it! ★★★★' Hugging Comedians

'This is weird, smart, gross out, physical comedy at its best.' Pop Culture-y

Sold out 2017 Melbourne Fringe and Perth FRINGE WORLD

Adelaide Fringe Artists Grant Recipient for 2018

Residency at Hares and Hyenas 2016

PO PO MO CO is Kimberley Twiner, Lily Fish, Claire Sullivan, Thomas Quirk, Amaya Vecellio, Anna Lehmann Thomson, Hallie Goodman and David Maney.


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