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Enter Closer & Crowded

Miles Munn Romance Novel

Enter Closer & Crowded

Miles Munn Romance Novel

A show guaranteed to make you laugh. Imagine a Bachelorette episode adapted into a novel, then squished into an hour of stand-up.  If there's such a thing as really good ‘bad literature’, this is it.

In this satire of a Romance Novel, Miles Munn uses roleplays to depict key scenes from Heroine Libby’s life including: ‘catastrophic picnic’ and ‘sexual confusion at the Fun Run.’

After studying Literature, Munn worked as a speechwriter, where he got to know the corporate jargon he incorporates into the show. He also wrote for motivational speakers, which he says developed his talent for writing demotivational, pointless comedy.

The show is funny, eccentric, smart and has been called a top festival pick.

“One of the most unique, curious, and exciting new voices in Australian comedy.” Jennifer Cook, 3LF

Please note, the following performances will be filmed: Sun 1 Apr & Mon 2 Apr.

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