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Ryan Coffey On Keys

Ryan Coffey On Keys

The ramshackle raconteur and honky-tonkin’ harbinger is back with a new swag of songs.

If Tom Waits and Stevie Wonder had a baby in 1982, it would be the same age as Ryan.

But they didn’t, and it isn’t, so don’t go getting yourself in a tizz thinking about it.

Master of the loop pedal and 88 key box banger, Ryan has gather a reputation as one of Melbourne's slickest late-night comics.

He's also become a favourite of the music festival stages, with appearances at Falls Festival, Woodford Folk Festival and End Of The Road Festival (UK).

'Utterly hilarious nonsense. ★★★★' Herald Sun

'Slick, polished and expertly delivered.' Chortle (UK)

'A voice like a foul-mouthed angel.' The Skinny (UK)

'Not every musical comedian can get his audience joining in with such gusto.' The West Australian

'Coffey's the kind of heart breaker you know you shouldn't give a second chance, but probably will.' Adelaide Advertiser

'Musical brilliance; warts and all.' Sydney Morning Herald


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