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Frontier Comedy

Alice Fraser Savage, The Resistance, Empire: Back to Back

Frontier Comedy

Alice Fraser Savage, The Resistance, Empire: Back to Back

Heard of a play within a play? What about three hour-long, critically-acclaimed comedy shows in one three-hour-long comedy show (with two humane intervals). The 'trilogy that wasn’t meant to be a trilogy’ (The Godfather) ain’t got nothing on this epic, enthralling narrative of family, tragedy and comedy.

In 2015 Alice Fraser (ABC's Comedy Next Gen, co-host of 'The Bugle' podcast) unleashed Savage onto comedy festivals around the world. The show detailing love, anger and belief was birthed during a heartbreaking period of Alice’s life and made audiences laugh, cry… and occasionally follow her home. Critics showered the show with five-star reviews, though many were unsure whether the show was comedy or something else entirely.

During a year of healing, Alice penned the unintended second stanza. The Resistance, another true story, unveiled Alice’s remarkable upbringing and shone a light on the ramshackle childhood home in which Alice’s unique mind was developed. Raised Buddhist by a lapsed Catholic and recovered Jew in her Holocaust-survivor grandmother’s home, in The Resistance Alice chronicled the world of her childhood through the lives and eccentricities of the people she shared it with – manic-depressive Chilean gardener; the Christian Hungarian and veiled Indian women who shared her falling-down household. After once again touring the world to sold-out seasons and universal critical acclaim Alice Fraser kept the opus’ coming with the final panel in this extraordinary tryptich, Empire. This third, and more controversial piece of unpredictably meaningful, narratively unorthodox art-comedy laid out masculinity, family, quantum physics and Disney villains and won Alice more gushing praise from critics and dedicated fans wherever she performed.

Don’t miss this unique, brilliant and dangerous high-wire act of comedy that will either be a disaster, or the best thing you see this year. Come along and find out.

1pm Savage:

'Wonderfully funny and devastatingly poignant, Savage is a show that really could change the world. ★★★★★' Broadway Baby (UK)

2pm The Resistance:

'Alice Fraser’s a total star in her own right, and her weird, messy, joyful, tear-jerking comedy deserves some unadulterated infamy all to itself. See this show. ★★★★★' Herald Sun

3pm Empire:

'A life-changer... a show that made you laugh and shiver, smile and cry. ★★★★★' Edinburgh Guide (UK)


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