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Janet A McLeod presents

Showko Absolutely Normal

Janet A McLeod presents

Showko Absolutely Normal

Welcome to the quirky and hilarious world of Showko – Australia’s favourite Japanese comedian. Kooky and off-beat, Showko’s blend of stand-up, ventriloquism and Rakugo (Japanese storytelling comedy) is hugely entertaining.

She regularly performs in Australia, Japan and other exotic international destinations for TV, radio, comedy clubs, festivals and major events including the Edinburgh Fringe.

Armed with stories from her slightly odd childhood (growing up with a dual personality mother in the kookiest culture on earth) and her adventures around the world as a globetrotting comedian (London, Edinburgh, Paris, LA, Tokyo), Showko will give you a glimpse into the craziness that exists just below the surface of Japan that most foreigners never get to see.

As a child, she escaped into a fantasy world of making and talking to puppets – now it’s her job. The world may be crazy, but Showko is absolutely normal. Honestly.

As heard on ABC radio. As seen on Australia’s Got Talent.

'★★★★½' Herald Sun

'Absurdly hilarious.' Melbourne Arts Fashion

'Comedy can be an art form and not just a trade.' The Scotsman

'Prepare to be enchanted!... mesmerized by her genuine excitement and the magic of storytelling and creation.' Theatre Press

'Absolutely delightful. Silly and clever, as well as being unlike anything else on the fringe.' Edinburgh Fringe Review


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