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Enter Closer & Crowded

Leaky Bucket Swings at Dusk

Enter Closer & Crowded

Leaky Bucket Swings at Dusk

Two thirds of Leaky Bucket found corporate day jobs and became bitter shells of their former selves. One third is stuck in a desperate scramble to find work and feel like a proper human being. All thirds yearn for the days when they had nothing more on their mind than ways to stretch out a moment on the swings before the sun sadly sets.

For lovers of The Office, Office Space and the movie The Kid starring Bruce Willis and a kid, this fast-paced sketch show plays out a dreamlike fantasy sitting behind a desk. Featuring sketches, monologues and music, it asks the question: what do you fear more, your boss or the bogeyman?

Prue Blake, Matthew McCartney and Darcy Fleming formed leaky Bucket in mid-2016 after performing together at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre, where they are featured performers in the theatre’s flagship show, Harold Night. Swings at Dusk is their sophomore production, following on from the success of their debut show, First Crack, which in 2017 was featured in Punkee’s article “MICF: 8 Last-Minute Shows to Catch” alongside Hannah Gadsby, Tom Ballard and Aaron Chen.

‘Jam-packed with enthusiasm, however it is actually about nothing really, with lots of nonsensical content, but loaded with humour, quite a decent dose of it.’ Stage Whispers

‘Surprisingly good...It’s hard to believe that this is their debut.’ Pop Culture-y

‘Not a serious sketch show.’ Squirrel Comedy


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