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Aidan Jones The Abersham Flat


Aidan Jones The Abersham Flat

After London, Edinburgh, Lisbon, Glasgow, Berlin, Barcelona, Dublin, Perth and Adelaide, Aidan Jones finally brings his debut hour of stand-up to Melbourne International Comedy Festival!

Who is this dickhead?
Hey, my name's Aidan, but a lot of people call me 'Taco', because when I was 15 the first girl I ever kissed thought I looked Mexican. I've been performing stand-up since 2012. I started in Adelaide, then moved to Melbourne and then London in 2014. In 2016 I came back to Melbourne because the British are dogs and wouldn't let me renew my visa. The Abersham Flat is my first solo show and in the last year I've performed it throughout Australia and Europe, including Paris, London, Barcelona, Lisbon and a 25-night run in the Edinburgh Fringe.

What is this shit?
In 2015 a conman named Andy moved into my flat in London and started systematically defrauding the other flatmates out of hundreds of pounds. I wrote a blog about it every week and released it in secret, but eventually Andy disappeared with everyone's money. Also that year my parents split up after 23 years together, I spoke to my biological father for the first time in my life, had my heart broken and my laptop was confiscated by police during a fraud investigation. The last one was Andy's fault actually, and he never paid me back – this is the story.

Is it good?
Audience reviews from the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe include:

'One of the best stand up acts I've seen this year.'

'A natural storyteller who charms the audience with his honesty.'

'An hilarious and frankly genius show, heartwarming and beyond funny, certainly one to watch.'

'Get this man a bigger room!'

Can I watch a video or something?
Sure, but you better buy a ticket now.


Before and after the show

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