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Frida Deguise & Sallie J Don The Blonde & The Bombshell

Frida Deguise & Sallie J Don The Blonde & The Bombshell

One Aussie, One Leb: One Australia 

Two women with their hilarious perspectives on Aussie culture are putting on a show. 

Frida Deguise: 'It’s not easy being a mother of four, Lebanese and Muslim and totally a Wog Bogan (aka Wogan).' 

Sallie J Don: 'It’s not easy being ridiculously privileged, white and a mother of only one child.' 

Both bought up in totally different worlds, but they don’t let it come between them. Comedy and Cold Chisel brought them together for this must-see show. 

Frida Deguise is funny and outspoken about all the things that make her comedy unique. Being a Muslim woman, wearing a Metallica shirt and making fun of hiding explosives in her hijab sure got a reaction! Honouring the title of Australia's only female Islamic comic wearing a hijab, Frida pushes the boundaries of perception and shows her world with her rules. 

Sallie J Don is sharp, sassy and charming. A mother, comedian and feminist, Sallie’s cheeky style of stand-up, will have you laughing at everything from BDSM to Botox. Sallie says the things you’ve all been thinking, but have been too afraid to talk about. She’s a refreshing, fun and high-energy comedian whose brutal take on parenting, marriage and politics will makes you wonder... what the hell are we all doing with our lives?


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