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Innes Lloyd

The Mighty Littles The Junior Mighty Little Puppet Show

Innes Lloyd

The Mighty Littles The Junior Mighty Little Puppet Show

As seen on Stand & Deliver (ABCMe), Kids WB (Channel 9 GO) and Sunrise (Channel 7).

The Junior Mighty Little Puppet Show is a choose your own adventure style show, allowing kids to pick which character’s story they most want to see through to the end.

It’s the show that combines puppetry with the limitless world of improvised storytelling! Anything is possible as some of Melbourne’s best comic talent bring to life the stars of the show: the Ritas. Audience members can interact with the performers and even use the detachable eyes and noses from the 'face buffet' to create new puppet characters, before seeing the actors bring their character to life on stage. 

Let the Ritas take you on wild journeys and different adventures, all the while weaving fantastical tales, with bold and magnificent puppets.  

Every hilarious and heart-warming show is different and is guaranteed to be loved by both children and adults alike.

The Junior Mighty Little Puppet Show’s ethos is to be delightful, joyous and fun.

'An appealing mix of improvisation, theatre sports, and extensive audience interaction. ★★★★★' Theatre People

'Charming, impressively handled and ultimately fun.' The Plus Ones

'The performers are nimble, quick-witted and hilarious. The Mighty Little Puppet Show nails puppet impro. I can’t wait to see where this show goes next.'  Aussie Theatre


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