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Evan Hocking The Morning After

Evan Hocking The Morning After

Have you ever woken up after a big night and thought 'What the hell happened last night?' As the day unfolds you piece together the night before and realise 'I am in trouble here'. Unfortunately, The Morning After it’s not just the alcohol that has caused you the headache.

Evan brings his show The Morning After back to this year’s Festival. Delving into the effect alcohol has on us and more so himself he pieces together the events of a rather loose night out. The errors he made that night quickly turn the following week into one of the most stressful of his life. He’s forced to face things head on, stand up and deal with the consequences, as his Dad‘s always told him 'If you make a mistake, acknowledge it and then rectify it'.

That’s what he does and due to this it costs him more than just money, but through this error in judgement he learns some things about himself and other people and starts to see what and who are the major influences in his life.

Throughout this hilarious 50 minute show the jokes come thick and fast as he recounts the events from the night before. He mixes in material about his family, his friends, society’s fascination with reality TV and the thoughts that run through his head. As the story unfolds you are drawn in and you’re thinking 'What’s going to happen next?', it feels like you’re there with him as each new headache arises.

'It’s just great to hear such good storytelling.' Herald Sun


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