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Infinite Jest Comedy presents

The Nasty Show

Infinite Jest Comedy presents

The Nasty Show

Offensive is the new black. The Nasty Show features the best comics of the Festival, delivering material so filthy they can't get away with it anywhere else. Tired of inoffensive jokey jokes? Get drunk. Get rowdy. Get desensitized. Every Thursday, Friday & Saturday. 

The Nasty Show sold out in Perth (2016, 2017, 2018) & Sydney (2017) and is in Melbourne for the first time this year. Don't miss this festival juggernaut of filth.

Different line-ups every night! We've featured: Greg Fleet (AU), Marcel Lucont (FRA), Bryan O'Gorman (CAN), Amy Howerska (UK), John Robertson (UK), Laura Davis (MEL), Jacques Barrett (SYD), Nick Cody (MEL), Luke Heggie (SYD) and loads more.

'A masterclass in smut. ★★★★' The Australia Times 

'★★★★1/2' The Fourth Wall 

'★★★★’ The Music 

'★★★★’ Perth Happenings 

“If you don’t want to be offended you should probably buy tickets to something else” Homegrown Heroes

Hosted by Jez Watts


Before and after the show

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