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The Pool Boys Fact Safari!

The Pool Boys Fact Safari!

Have you ever wondered how much you don't know?

Spoiler alert, it's most of it.

But now's your chance to finally catch up on all of your favourite subjects: Science! History! The other ones!

Crammed from end to end with possible truth and unsubstantiated rumour, The Pool Boys: Fact Safari! is a crash-course in the entire universe, and by golly are we going to learn you a thing.

But we don't need a magical school bus, because we have the magic... of theatre! 

The Pool Boys: Fact Safari!. Packed with facts™!

Comedy trio The Pool Boys (Chris Heaslip, Davey Reynolds and Stuart Owen) use their unique style of sketch and musical comedy again to bring you Fact Safari!, a light-hearted comedy sketch show in the style of a 90s educational CD-rom!



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