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the hearsay theatre group

Oliver Cowen & Kayla Hamill The Tales of Witchmen

the hearsay theatre group

Oliver Cowen & Kayla Hamill The Tales of Witchmen

He has a uke and a 'fro. 
She has a tiny feet and a problem with hummus. 
They both have Razor scooters and an overactive imagination. 

In a bizarre combination of Monty Python, Mel Brooks and the Umbilical Brothers, comes The Tales of Witchmen; a puntastic pilgrimage to the Jokes Galore Mega-Store. Halfway between bad eczema and a bad exorcism, this hilariously half-baked theatrical adventure features original music and a whole heap of gags sure to have Aunt Sybille in stitches! 

The Tales of Witchmen follows the story of John the Knight and Squire the Squire as they take on a world of absurdity on their quest to rescue the loverrrly King-Daughter from the evil WitchyPoo. 

Starring two very cleverly costumed sea sponges, Oliver Cowen & Kayla Hamill promise a metric tonne of pizzaz as they weave a fable filled with adventure and romance, as well as an overwhelming sense of dread about the inevitable heat death of the universe.

WARNING: Please don't bring the child-people to this one. This ain't no kids show, yo!

'I really like the Big Bang Theory.' Kayla’s mum

Crazy Comedy with Bizarre Twisted Characters - Nekoburro for Weekend Notes

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