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UnPlotted Potter


UnPlotted Potter

Have you ever wondered what else was happening in the wizarding world apart from Harry doing his thing? In UnPlotted Potter, we go off the Marauder’s Map and into the forbidden forest of supporting characters to explore the unofficial, untold stories of the Potterverse.

What was Professor Flitwick’s secret passion in school? What’s happening in Madam Rosmerta’s love life? Where does Filch go on holiday? All of these questions and more may be answered in this totally unscripted show! You choose the character, we tell you their story.

Coming straight to you off the back of its third successful season at the Adelaide Fringe Festival!

'Seamlessly entertaining, absolutely hilarious and thoroughly engaging. ★★★★½' Kryztoff RAW

'The show glides brilliantly from one scene to the next... A must see for Harry Potter fans. ★★★★' Great Scott

'The story was peppered with Potter jokes, improvised montages and hilarious tangents. ★★★★' Glam Adelaide

'Scriptease is a prime example of how improv should be done.' Glam Adelaide


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