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Matt Harvey War of the Words

Matt Harvey War of the Words

Matt Harvey is a stand-up comedian and writer (The Leak, Live on Bowen). He has been in a number of fringe festival and comedy festival shows he is sure you didn't see. This one is about words, the best words. But it's not a wordy show. It's also about politics, the worst politics. But it's not a political show.

Warning: show contains wordplay.

'The commentary was so easily strung together with good humour, whether the audience understood the political context or not it was still amusing.' Squirrel Comedy

'Disarmingly genuine...We left laughing, and also wiser about our place in the world.' The Plus Ones

'A great example of a comedian managing to make light of particularly troublesome issues, while still carrying the depth of them as to make the viewer aware.' Pop Culture-y


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