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Julz Hay Proudly Presents

Watson World Tour

Julz Hay Proudly Presents

Watson World Tour

Winner Best Comedy Award 2015 Melbourne Fringe

2016 Moosehead Award Recipient

The team that brought you Who’s Afraid of the Dark?, Go To Hell and that weird online video about tampons are back with an all new hour of sketch comedy!

This hilarious late-night sketch bonanza will probably also include a nice message at the end about being friends or some shit like that.

Tegan Higginbotham, Liam Ryan and Adam McKenzie are a Melbourne-based comedy trio with a history of high-concept, energetic shows. From scaring the pants off crowds, to performing in zero-gravity and having sword fights out in the street, Watson tend to get a little excited when creating a new show.

In what is sure to revolutionise the industry, Watson will be presenting an hour of short comedic vignettes. These small theatrical pieces, called 'Sketches', will cover a wide variety of topics such as... hang on just let me think of a topic... Ummm... Cats and Dogs... Nailed it!

'Brilliant.' The Age


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