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Abandoman (aka Rob Broderick) gives us his top picks

Who is Ireland's finest hip-hop musical comedian looking forward to this Fest?

Eleanor Tiernan – Success Without A Sex Tape 
Eleanor is amazing - always hilarious and a joy to watch. Her show is at 7pm and is the perfect start to any and all nights.

Daniel Sloss – X 
I've heard a lot about this show and can't wait to see it. I've binged on Daniel's recent Netflix shows and they're amazing. 

Des Bishop – The Comments Section
A great comic and one of the first live comedians I had the joy of seeing. Always love seeing Des' shows.

Flo & Joan – Alive On Stage 
I'm a huge fan of musical comedy and Flo & Joan are top of their game in this world.

Jamali Maddix – Vape Lord
Jamali's VICE documentaries are some of my favourite TV that I've seen recently. Looking forward to seeing this show live.

Foil, Arms & Hog – Craic-Ling
The best live sketch group I've had the pleasure of seeing. Go see 'em. It's their first time in Melbourne and I reckon they're going to leave with a lot of new fans.

Michelle Wolf
I feel like I don't need to say anything about Michelle as most people will know her from the Correspondents Dinner last year. Loved watching her stand up there and can't wait to see her new show.

Paul Currie – Hot Donkey
Paul is brilliant, surreal and uplifting. A genuine joy to be in the room when this man performs.

Zach & Viggo – Thunderflop
Another group that I adore watching live. Without a doubt, these guys performed one of my favourite shows I've ever seen. High energy and incredibly funny.
Carlo Ritchie – Drinking For Two
I'm a huge fan of Carlo's work with Bear Pack, his impro duo. Very excited to see 'Drinking For Two'. 

New Order
Catherine, Chris, Mawaan and Rosie are all amazing comics – getting all four of them on a single bill is a delight of a show.

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