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Ben Pobjie A Child's Garden Of Verse

Ben Pobjie A Child's Garden Of Verse

As a young man, Ben Pobjie would wander in the vast lush wilderness of his own imagination, finding in the wondrous possibilities of poetry the joy and comfort that was denied him by the human race. Today, as a barely-functional maladapted neurotic, he still loves the magic of verse and the ways in which the English language offers a window to a world that is at the same time both imaginary and fictional.

In A Child’s Garden of Verse, Ben presents a brand-new suite of poems, going back to his roots as a hardbitten journeyman of the rough-and-tumble performance poetry circuit. Melding comedy and poetry in a way unseen by mass audiences since the days of whoever was the last person to do it, Ben’s command of rhyme, meter, metaphor and evocative imagery will make you laugh, make you cry, make you nod thoughtfully and make you feel bad that you need to leave in the middle of the show to go to the toilet.

In a nutshell, A Child’s Garden of Verse is one hour of comic poetry delivered by Australia’s third-to-seventh most accomplished comic poet. Out of a nutshell, it’s too dark to read. Wait, I think I messed up that saying.

Anyway, it’s a cracking show. If you like comedy and poetry, you’ll love it. If you like comedy but not poetry, you’ll still love it, that’s how good it is. If you like poetry but not comedy, you’re weird. If you hate comedy and poetry, I’m not sure why you’re even here.

Ben Pobjie is a comedian, author, commentator, poet, raconteur, chef, political consultant, interior designer, wedding planner, javelin manufacturer, horse-breaker, marksman, gourmand, spin doctor, bassist and prisoner of conscience. He is the author of the comedic history books Error Australis, Aussie Aussie Aussie and Australia: What Happened?. His writing can be found in The Age, Crikey, Ten Daily, the ABC, The Roar, Meanjin and more. He is co-host of the podcast 'Gather Around Me' and has written for Tonightly, You’re Skitting Me and Reality Check. He is a veteran of Melbourne International Comedy Festival, having sold well over 30 tickets in the last decade.


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