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Ashwin Segkar Bloodbooks

Ashwin Segkar Bloodbooks

Bloodbooks uses the founding holy book of the West, the Bible and the founding holy book of India, the Bhagavad Gita to dive into the differences between East and West in a funny, unpredictable and insightful show from a comedian who grew up between both cultures and religions.

It goes past lazy clichés and takes you on an hilarious, and at times disconcerting, ride of stand-up, clown and personal storytelling to explore this meeting of East and West; a meeting that will help shape Australia in the years ahead with our large influx of migrants from Asia.

You'll laugh, experience strange rhythms and hear ideas from cultures on the periphery of everyday life. Maybe even take some techniques away to bust out at dinner parties.

Bloodbooks is performed by stand-up comedian, Ashwin Segkar, who created the cartoon Boymongoose that has delighted over 10 million viewers online. He has been featured on Tonightly and is a presenter on ABC Radio across Brisbane and Queensland.

He has toured around Australia and performs comedy that is thoughtful, sharp and captures the experience of being a minority living between vastly different cultures. Ashwin grew up between India, Malaysia, England, NZ and Australia and you'll hear echoes of this diverse upbringing throughout the show.

Bloodbooks is set in the haunting ambience of an old church. It's a show that allows you to sit back, reflect and enjoy the performance in a calming space that is hosting comedy for the first time this year.  

Please note, the following performances will be filmed: Sat 6 Apr.

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