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Bombastic JOE Descend Into The Fiery Depths Of Heck

Bombastic JOE Descend Into The Fiery Depths Of Heck

Fire, brimstone, coconuts falling on your head: welcome to Heck! Bombastic JOE’s Jon, Oli and Ed return for their second sketch-infested journey, descending into the irritable bowels of Hell. Will they find redemption? Will they stay together? Where will I be safe from these falling coconuts? Come find out!

Bombastic JOE Descend Into The Fiery Depths Of Heck is a sketch comedy show that adopts a fluid, fast-paced, absurd and quirky style. Full of vibrant and memorable characters, the boys jump from scene to scene, fusing sketches with narrative and using props and costumes to leave the audience smiling and satisfied (and possibly itchy?)

Bombastic JOE is a sketch group formed in 2017 by Jon Walpole, Oli Robertson, and Ed Rickards. The three joined together after performing, writing and directing sketch comedy together in the Monash Comedy Law Revue in 2016 and 2017. Bombastic JOE made their Melbourne International Comedy Festival debut in 2018 with their sketch show Student-Guys, which they performed to sell-out audiences. The Bombastic boys are eager to return to the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival with a brand-new, invigorated show. Building on their success from last year, they’re ready to deliver a sketch infested journey like you’ve never experienced.

P.S. Look, regardless of whether this show looks enjoyable to you, at the very least by buying a ticket we are 95% sure we can provide you with a brief respite from the constant paranoia of having to always look up to see if a deadly coconut is plummeting towards your head.

'We’re going to need a bigger boat.' Roy Scheider, Jaws

'My name is Scrappy Coco.' Adam Sandler, Don’t Mess With The Zohan


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