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Dice Paper Role At The Movies

Dice Paper Role At The Movies

How to get rich quick:

- create a cool Dungeons & Dragons podcast with some mates (and Greg)
- make 50 episodes and upload them for free
- do a string of sell-out shows at the 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival*
- theme the show so you can lean on tired movie tropes
- get people to come (and pay!)
- manage expectations (mostly sitting, some dice rolling)
- record the whole thing for massive podcast profit at a later date (TBA)
- get a killer quote for promotion

'A triumph. ★★★★★' Theatre People

*recorded and released for your entertainment and available on our website

P.S. No prior knowledge of D&D required

'Dice Paper Role' is a Dungeons & Dragons comedy podcast. A group of nerdy artist friends based in Melbourne, DPR boast over 50 episodes of fantasy role playing and slapstick hilarity. In 2018 DPR took to the stage with a string of sell-out shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and continues to entertain audiences with regular shows at Storyville in Melbourne.
Hot off their killer run at Adelaide Fringe, they are back for a second go at Melbourne International Comedy Festival to tell stories of fun, danger and mystery – based on the movie genres we all love/hate.

With a new movie genre each week, improvised before your very eyes and recorded before your very ears, enter into the high stakes world of regurgitated old cinema tropes where the dumb and amazing can, and probably will, happen.

Featuring Brakai (Emil Freund), A'alan A'aron A'eon (Greg Pickering), Snatch (Ben Clements), Thandor (Dan Last), Oriki's Song (Jack Kirby Crosby), and special guests (TBA)


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