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Greg Fleet proudly presents

Judy Stutz Drinking with the CIA

Greg Fleet proudly presents

Judy Stutz Drinking with the CIA

Drinking with the CIA is a premiere show the follows the performer's visit to Kazakhstan (Yes Borat!) for a work project that was rudely interrupted by a small civil war.

The show examines not only the futility of war but the inherent insanity that often ensues for the people caught in the middle.

The story about my time in Kazakhstan after the fall of the Berlin Wall:

I had been dispatched by my employer to undertake the creation of a computer backbone server as a proto-internet for the country. I spent a month in Kazakhstan travelling and installing laptops that could communicate with a server I had set up in the then capital Almaty. (Where?  Exactly.)

During my time in the country hostilities broke out between the ethnic Kazakhs and the Russians. I found myself caught in a dangerous situation without an embassy etc and thus had to arrange my own exit from the country.

The international airport was closed so another visitor, an American, who just happened to have a pilot’s license (spy anyone?) and I decided to head out to a small aerodrome on the edge of the city.  The show includes my three weeks travelling in Kazakhstan as well as my time during the armed dispute, which ultimately led to the two of us buying a small plane (?!?!) and flying from Kazakhstan to Russia. (Frying pan, fire, etc).

If you want to know what sheep's eyeballs taste like. If you want to know the sort of soldier who would punch a tank and the risks of heavy drinking in a warzone, this is the show for you.

For anyone planning on holidaying in a warzone this show provides important information on dodging bullets, planning escapes, bribing foreign officials and most importantly guides to the local food. No holiday in a warzone will be complete without the information you will obtain from this show. Learn from the performer's mistakes such as: don't sleep in Soviet-made beds; avoid consuming sheep eyeballs if at all possible; never smoke French cigarettes and above all the only thing better than presence of mind in a warzone is absence of body. 

For a great evening out come and see Drinking with the CIA. Performed by Judy Stutz and directed by comedic genius Greg Fleet.


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